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Les Miserables Confessions

I was reading them the other day, and I was shocked by the number of negative comments there was about the Les Miz fandom. For me, the fandom has been kind and supportive. Honestly, why all the negativity?

Les Miserables is all about everyone being equal, even those thought of as the lowest of the low. So the fandom’s not going to judge people or be mean to them.

If you’ve only read parts of or the abridged version of the book, we won’t judge you. If you’ve never read the book at all, we won’t judge you. If you’ve never even seen the musical, just the movie, we won’t judge you. If you’ve only ever listened to the soundtrack, that’s okay. If you’ve done none of those, that’s okay, too. If you ship E/E, we won’t even judge you then. If you spell the word Enjolras with the r before the l, we’ll try really hard not to judge you. Because honestly, if you’ve never read the book, it’s an easy mistake to make, with so many people spelling it that way lately.

So honestly, I’m curious, why do so many people say it’s such a terrible fandom?

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  2. bluepeets answered: I’ve been a fan of the show since the early 90s. Elitism is everywhere. Book elitists, OLC elitists, pre-TAC elitists. It BREEDS it, somehow.
  3. the-uncanny-can-of-coke answered: because despite all the ‘libert√© egalit√© fraternit√©’ thing there are INDEED elitists who judge people by how much they know of the brickk
  4. nouveau-jacobin answered: Some people in the fandom are really really vicious about what they deem right and wrong. My friend got so upset after a tongue lashing that
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